“I was in a difficult Real Estate situation and needed expert advice. I found my answer with Nick”

Ryan and Lionel

“It’s difficult to put into words how incredible the experience was…I know it seems too good to be true, but just reach out and find out for yourself. Easy 5/5”


“I came to Ottawa not thinking about buying a place. But when my timeline got accelerated, Nick showed tons of patience.”

Carla and Greg

“His advice was spot-on and we got the house for a great price in a crazy market. They took care of everything.”

Erica and JP

“He took his time with us. We felt like Nick was going to value that relationship more than just a business transaction.”

Hayley and Mark

“He dropped everything and fit us in. It never felt like he was just trying to sell a house. He was trying to find the right house for us.”

Frank and Elizabeth

“We haven’t been in the market for decades and things have changed, especially the process. Nick was invaluable for us.”

Bonnie and Bob

“Our daughter bought through him, sold through him, and now we’re selling through him. He was tireless. He kept his promise.”

Andrea and Hasan

“It doesn’t feel like a client-realtor relationship at all. It feels like we are all working towards one common goal.”

Melissa and Matt

“He made sure that our house looked it’s absolute best so that we could sell it as quickly as possible. We’ve recommended him to my stepbrother and other friends.”