Seller’s Guide

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Arm yourself with our ultimate sellers’ guide and then work with us to put your plans into action.

Our people-first approach to selling your home

You don’t move because it’s fun. You move because you want more space, a new career, or to live more simply.

Preparing early will keep you stress-free and help you make good decisions when you get an offer

The steps

Watch each video to learn about all of the steps you’ll need to take when selling your home.

1. Get ready

Make repairs and updates and give your home a thorough cleaning so that it shows well. Consider hiring a professional home inspector to create a report for prospective buyers.

2. Set the price

Review comparable listings together and arrive at a price that you feel comfortable with. Hire the right REALTOR® (that’s us!) to help you do this.

3. Snap shots

A great listing tells a strong story. We do this through professionally shot photos, videos and 3D tours

4. Launch

Launch your listing everywhere that the right buyer is going to see it. 

5. Showings

This is often the hardest part for you as your home has to remain presentable and in tip top shape every day.

6. Review offers

Your REALTOR® will negotiate on your behalf and review all offers with you.

7. Closing day

Schedule the closing, hand over the keys, collect the cheque!

8. Celebrate!

Don’t forget that a move is something to celebrate. We’ll be stopping by after the sale to check in and give you some goodies to mark the occasion.

Cutting edge marketing

Homes don’t sell themselves. Great marketing means thousands of dollars in your pocket and fewer days on the market.

Staging done right

We assess your staging needs during our first meeting and get the job done, whether you need a little spruce up or a large overhaul.

Pre-list home inspections

Don’t let surprises kill your home sale. An inspection that you can share with a buyer is a marketing tool:; it gives them peace of mind and confidence to give you a great offer.

Photos, video tours, and more

Our professional photographers and videographers will capture all of your home’s best features through captivating  photos, videos, drone and 3D tours.

Advertising that works

From signs to door knocking to open houses, your Realtor should also use the best of the tried and true Realtors’ toolkit.

Good use of social media

Expertise in social media is your home’s ace in the hole, targeting homebuyers with intention and accuracy.

Active prospecting

A great Realtor actively prospects for a buyer through their network of thousands of active and past clients, investors and colleagues.

Our approach

How we go about selling your home from beginning to end.

Home staging

It’s amazing how small changes can have big impacts. Here’s how we’ve used good staging to transform homes.



From messy and dark, to serene and bright



A multi-use family room turns into a place to relax and rejuvenate

The Commission

Let’s talk money. Where it goes, how it’s divided and who gets what.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to commission. After all, you should know where your money is going and why. There’s a big misconception that REALTORS® take home the percentage listed on the listing agreement.

When we sell your home, half of the commission is delivered to the buyer brokerage. From the half that is delivered to the listing agent (that’s us), 15% goes to the brokerage and the rest is divided between marketing, advertising, agent fees, administrative fees and finally to the agents who helped you sell your home (that’s us again)!

Our most asked

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get when we’re working with first-time home sellers.

How long does the process usually take? 

It varies. Homes in Ottawa typically sell firm in less than a month, and then another month or two before the buyer closes and moves in. Because of the process we follow, our clients sell their homes faster than the Ottawa average.

What is a buyer vs seller market?

If there’s a shortage of homes for sale, it’s a seller’s market. If there are more homes for sale than buyers, it’s a buyer’s market.

What can I expect with open houses?

We have strict systems in place where no one will be left alone in your home at any given time. Usually it’s best if the Sellers aren’t present during an open house so that Buyers can feel more comfortable looking around.

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Our home-seller’s checklist

Are you ready to get started?