Hayley and Mark

“He dropped everything and fit us in. It never felt like he was just trying to sell a house. He was trying to find the right house for us.”

Returning to Ottawa after living in Toronto for years, Haley and Mark were seeking a new home that would be the perfect fit. Flexibility was our guiding principle when accommodating their unique situation. From marathon house searches to insightful conversations about what they prioritized in a property, we showed them options and asked questions to help pinpoint what “dream home” really meant to them. They were specific about their vision, and we aimed to deliver exactly that – even when they were miles away in the GTA. So, a 13-hour day of showings really did happen – that’s the way that Haley and Mark could make it work, and we are here to accommodate. We do it all to see the joy our clients feel when they know they’ve found home.