I found Nick online from his extensive presence on Reddit and his very insightful, honest answers. I saw he always tried to give the most helpful information to whoever was asking a question, and presented his viewpoints in insightful, concise ways that were relevant to the specific audience. I contacted Nick then, we liked what he had to say and teach us, and we started our house search. Nick quickly gauged that we had a good idea of the house and property we wanted, but were very new to real estate, and he gave us all the information we needed at first to start on our house purchasing journey. Any time we were concerned or unsure about something we would bring it up with Nick, and he helped us understand what we didn't know and put us at ease. Although the market was pretty hectic at times, we never felt pressured to make any decisions. Nick made our house purchase journey more enjoyable than I think anyone else could have, and he has remained a great friend and resource (for real estate and general events in the community) even after we moved in.

• Deborah and Kevin - Buyers in Katimavik

"I appreciated the knowledge of Nick as it regards pointing out positives and negatives that I as the buyer did not know. Nick was very much aware of our needs and aimed to see them met. Working with Nick was a great experience! He was personable and very knowledgeable in the housing market. Always pleasant and very respectful. I would have no problem recommending and the great service you provide!"

• Vaden and Judy, Buyers in Half Moon Bay

You won’t regret having Nick in your corner. He knows his stuff and you can trust his recommendations on anything that can come up during the home buying process.

• Jerina - First-Time Home Buyer in Carson Grove

Nick was fantastic, personable and knowledgeable. Went above and beyond in his research to provide context about the neighbourhood and similar listings, and was always available to help.

• Tani and Joey - First-Time Homebuyers in Beacon Hill South

I would highly recommend Nick! We had a one week house hunting trip and Nick really went above and beyond to support us and make himself available. He is very experienced, knowledgeable and responsive. As first time home buyers he helped understand the whole process and reduced our stress levels. He also remained very professional and neutral in helping with the decision making process.

• Warren and Andrea, Buyers in Sandy Hill

"You have been very helpful and we trust you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others."

• Svetlana and Ryan, Landlords in Riverside South

"If it's not inappropriate, here's a great big virtual ((hug)) -- you are most wonderful !! I am so very grateful all your help/assistance and patience in dealing with me -- both re my first ever buying and selling experience over the past few years. You have always gone well above and beyond for me. That is why I consistently promote you to everyone that I know !!! I want people to know that when they get Nick, they get superb, personal, client service. You are quick to respond to every email/call and it's clear that your client's needs/concerns are yours as a real estate agent. When I first met you, as a first time ever home buyer, you walked me through every step. No question I ever asked was too silly or trivial. I was nervous and you guided me with no pressure to buy. Without a car of my own, you even took time out of your own schedule to drive me around town to view listings. When I sold my condo, years later, you took the time to do and send me complete and comprehensive analyses re whether I should rent or sell. And when I moved to Europe, you again went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to meet a tight closing date when I decided to sell. I cannot thank you enough!"

• Kim, Repeat Client - Seller in Manor Park

We had two friends that had each used Nick's services for purchasing their first homes, and he was highly recommended. When we contacted him, he replied very quickly and within days, we had an appointment to meet Nick in person. He worked with our schedule and we were able to meet in the evening during the week. That first meeting was incredibly informative! Nick walked us through what to expect at every step of the process, start to finish. Even though we had done a lot of research on the process of buying a home, we learned a lot! During that meeting, we also chatted about our must-haves and deal-breakers, but Nick really took the time to get to know us as a couple, not just what we wanted in a home. Within a short period of time, Nick set up a 5 house tour on a Saturday with homes that he felt matched what we were looking for. He really nailed what we were looking for; remarkably, on that first outing, we were so happy with 2 of the houses, and decided to make an offer one a house that same night! Nick was incredible in explaining the conditional offer process, the documentation and all the implications, and we always felt very educated and confident about what was happening. Nick was right alongside us through the rest of the process, through the conditional offer, the inspection, lifting the conditions, finding a lawyer, right through to the closing. We couldn't have asked for a better agent to have guided us through this process! Nick is extremely knowledgeable, listens carefully and has a great sense of humor on top of it all. We are very glad to have met Nick and feel confident in recommending him unreservedly to anyone looking to begin the home buying process!

• Monica and Vince, Buyers in Fallingbrook

We met Nick in mid-2018 and started working with him about a year later. After renting for several years, and with our first child arriving in spring 2020, our plan was to start searching properties, and be in a home by late-2020/early-2021. We were renting in Westboro and not in a rush to leave our apartment, but with our family growing, felt that owning a home was the next logical step. From our first meeting with Nick, we clicked with him. Nick is one of the friendliest and most genuine people we’ve ever met, and his easygoing, light-hearted, yet consummately professional approach makes him a truly people-first realtor. As first-time buyers, Nick thoroughly explained the buying process to us and was available anytime with answers and advice. We started viewing properties shortly after our son was born—just as COVID-19 was starting to take effect. Since we were looking for a home in the west end of Ottawa (Kanata, etc.), Nick introduced us to his associate Katye Landry, who took over as our point person to continue our search, with Nick continuing to support whenever needed. Katye was nothing short of amazing. We clicked with her instantly as well and it felt as if we’d known her for years. Like Nick, Katye is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and it was immediately clear that she is a wonderful and genuinely caring person that not only wanted to find us *a* home but wanted to find us *our* home. We bid on our first property with Katye in June. We loved the property, felt very confident, but lost the sale to a bid of $90K over asking. This was when the bidding wars and the impacts of COVID-19 were just starting, so it surprised all of us. We never thought losing a property would be so emotional. But despite the loss, Katye kept us feeling positive and quickly helped us to refocus our search. She was amazing at keeping our criteria updated to reflect our ever-evolving idea of a perfect home. We viewed several more listings, bidding on three, all of which we lost in the ultra-competitive COVID-19 market (all sold for more than $100K over asking). Feeling emotionally drained, and not being in a rush to move, we decided to slow things down to wait out COVID. However, because of the same competitive market, our landlord decided that she would also sell, potentially leaving us with as little as 60 days to find a new home. Needless to say, our plans changed, but Nick and Katye were right there, ready to help us speed things up again. After our fifth and final bid in Kanata—competing against 21 other bidders, putting in $70K over asking, and still losing—and with the sale of our apartment imminent, we decided to look outside the city in Carleton Place and Almonte. Once again, Nick and Katye were amazing at supporting our search, and readily agreed to drive out with us to view properties. We flagged four properties to view that week, and by the weekend, three had already sold—the market was equally hot outside the city. Whether by fate or luck, however, the last house was the one we would eventually call “home”. As a more unique property, we were lucky enough to submit a conditional bid and get an inspection. Both Nick and Katye gave us excellent advice and were there every step of the negotiating process, always giving us all the options and letting us decide what was best for us. We closed the sale that week and moved into our new Almonte home in September. Both Nick and Katye are an absolute dream to work with. Despite the ups and downs of the COVID market, both of them were so supportive and easygoing, and helped to relieve much of the first-time-buyer stresses we experienced along the way. This commitment to us is what made Nick and Katye so wonderful to work with, and we feel very grateful to have met and worked with them both. We would not hesitate to recommend Nick and Katye to anyone. The home buying process can be simultaneously exciting, emotional, and stressful, but having truly people-first realtors in our corner have made it one of the most positive and memorable experiences we’ve had.

• Danielle and Ilesh - First-Time Home Buyers in Almonte

"Nick was an excellent realtor. As first time home-buyers, Dave and I were both anxious about the home-buying process and with Nick it was a breeze. In fact, it was even fun! He was very patient with us, professional, knowledgeable about homes in all of the areas we looked, and was able to work around our schedules. Plus, he always had a smile on his face! In the end, we ended up buying a house that Nick suggested and are very happy in our home. Five stars!"

• Becky and Dave, Home Buyers in Orleans

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