PODCAST - Buying a Home: Preparation

Part 1 of Homebuyer How-To Series. Avoid the common mistakes that homebuyers make and get started with confidence with these tips. Covered in this episode: 1) Creating a needs and wants list that won't get scrapped. 2) Every single expense that you'll run into. Never get surprised! 3) How to choose a lender (Interview with a mortgage broker). Click to watch the Zoom interview, listen to the podcast, and read the entire interview!


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Not-So-Obvious Home Staging Tips

When it comes to staging your home for sale - which basically means ensuring everything is declutter, cleaned, and all personal photographs are removed - you probably already know the basics. But there are also some less obvious home staging tips that can help to sell your property faster and for a higher price. Continue reading for some helpful examples of how you can take your home staging to the next level. 

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How to Quickly Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many reasons why the air quality in your home may not be at its best. A faulty furnace or an aged carpet are just two potential culprits. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can be between 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Consider the amount of time we are now spending in our homes, here are some quick ways to improve your indoor air quality today!

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PODCAST - Shifting Markets | How to Buy a Home When The Ground is Moving Under Your Feet

In this episode I interview a past client, Joel Karwatsky. Joel and his wife had the challenging task of buying their home a few years ago when Ottawa shifted from a balanced market to a Seller's market in the area that they were searching in. Joel shares how he adapted as a buyer and managed to succeed, and we share some stories about the strange things we saw on his home search. Listen to the full podcast or watch the Zoom call via Youtube!

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