What is an Exclusive Listing?

When we work together, one of the things that we may discuss is an exclusive listing. Here's what it is and why my team and I might list your home exclusively.

What is an exclusive listing?

An exclusive listing is a listing that is not on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Being exclusive means that the Listing Realtor is not required to entertain showings from Realtors from other brokerages. It may or may not be advertised, and may or may not have a "for sale" sign in front of the home. If there is a sign, it will generally have a sign that indicates that it is "exclusive."

Why would we list a property exclusively?

Generally speaking, my team lists your home in two phases; a short exclusive phase of a week to a month which is followed by an MLS listing until the home is sold. 

I feel that an MLS listing is the best way to expose your home to the largest amount of suitable, qualified buyers, but beginning with an exclusive listing does a few helpful things:

  • This lets me and my team get started on creating marketing pieces for your home to appropriate buyers while you get it physically prepared by cleaning and completing necessary repairs, if any.
  • This may allow us to "test drive" the property at a higher "make me move" price without the stigma of an MLS price change if the list price is too high.
  • This gives me a mandate to start advertising your home to past clients, my network and realtor-only groups online.

Sometimes Sellers will also prefer to list their home exclusively because it is more private than an MLS listing; there is no MLS sale record and the option of no sign so that neighbours and others are not aware of the sale.

What's your reason for moving? My team and I have a strategy that will fit your specific situation, just reach out with a call or email.

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