Top Bathroom Staging Tips From the Pros

Top Bathroom Staging Tips From the Pros


There’s a reason why there are “kitchen and bath” stores everywhere, and design magazines devoted to these rooms. Ironically, many homeowners will focus their attention on the main living areas of their home when staging while brushing off the bathroom. A well staged bathroom can elevate an entire home’s appearance. So, it’s no surprise that professional home stagers pay particular attention to these spaces. 

Professional stagers advise that you start by taking a few pictures of your bathroom (or any room you are about to stage). Looking at those pictures will give you a different perspective and better sense of how others will see your bathroom as well as reveal what needs to be changed.  If you need a bit of inspiration, check out listings on Realtor.ca or any other house hunting app and take a look at the photos of the bathrooms. What is on the counters? How do the towels look? Is there paint peeling and chipped tiles? Dirt and grime in the corners? What is the state of the shower curtain? 

The first step is to de-personalize it. When you are showing your home to buyers, you want the bathroom(s) to resemble a guest bathroom or a hotel. So, remove all hygiene items from the counter, clean and declutter your cupboards and drawers (yes, buyers will most likely look there), and remove all products from the shower or bath. 

Stagers recommend replacing anything that is looking old or worn out, like towels, shower curtain and liner, bath mats...etc. These items tend to stain and show their age the most quickly, and replacing them with new ones will elevate your bathroom’s overall appearance. The pros recommend going with white or neutral colours for these items as they will compliment the space without taking away attention from the bathroom itself. 

This same rule applies to hardware. If knobs, handles, and towel racks are looking old or do not match, this is an inexpensive upgrade that will give new life to your bathroom. You can also go “all out” and replace the faucets, shower hardware, and any other items to match your new hardware. 

A few other common bathroom items that you will want to inspect to see if they meet the “hotel standard” are; garbage cans, toilet brush, plunger, and toilet paper holder. If any of these items are looking past their prime, either store them away or replace them with new ones. 

Place only a few items on the counter, like a decorative soap dispenser and a few neatly folded hand towels. Avoid putting any products in your shower or on the ledge of the bathtub. You want the end product to resemble a hotel bathroom. If you are purchasing new items for the staging purposes, opt for white as it really brightens the room up. 

Ensure that your bathroom walls are not stained, dirty or peeling. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to improving the overall appearance of your bathroom and entire home. Whites, light grays, and beiges work well for bathrooms and provide a neutral palette for the new future owners to work with. 

Lastly, do a thorough deep clean of every nook and cranny of your bathroom(s) before photos and keep it up throughout showings. It will be well worth the while when your home shows beautifully and you sell for the price you and your home deserve! 

As you can see, it does not take much to stage your bathroom and make it look its best for buyers.

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