Stay or Move? 5 Questions that Help you Decide

Stay or Move? 5 Questions that Help you Decide


Deciding to sell your home is an overwhelming and stressful decision for most homeowners. Besides weighing pros and cons, here are five helpful questions to ask yourself when you are considering selling:


1. "What are practical reasons for selling?"



What will you gain by moving? Is it a bigger back yard or more bedrooms? Perhaps a shorter commute to work or closer to family, friends and/or favourite hang outs? Make a list for both your non-negotiables and “wants” and see if selling at this point in time is worth it to you.



2. "What are our emotional reasons for selling?"



How would you feel living in a new home? Would a move relieve stress (shorter commute), bring more happiness (closer to friends/family/favourite hang outs), or make you feel safer? Or will moving add stress, unhappiness and add worries? Being honest with how you feel about moving can be difficult as there are (usually) great memories that have been created in your home. 



3. "What type of new home can we afford?"



Figuring out your budget involves finding out how much you'll likely get when you sell your existing home and how much of a mortgage you qualify to receive. With that information, you'll have a price range within which you can comfortably shop plus a clear idea of what your mortgage payments will be. Does this budget match what a house with your non-negotiables on today’s market would sell for? 



4. "In what ways will our lifestyle be better in a new home?"



This question is heavily related to the emotional impact that moving will have on you. How will your life change and/or improve in your new home? Will you be able to spend Saturday afternoons relaxing in your bigger backyard or Sunday nights entertaining friends and family in your larger living room?



5. "What else do we need to know before we decide to sell and move?"



Sometimes, the fear of selling is due to unanswered questions. There is alot of work and unknowns at play when selling your home, so, if there is any part of the selling and buying process that’s not clear, be sure to ask me. 


Did thinking about these questions help make the decision easier? If you need more help or want to talk about your decision, call today!


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