How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger


Just because a space is small doesn't mean it needs to feel cramped and cluttered! There are many ways to utilize a small space to make it feel spacious and more user-friendly. Try these tips and tricks to make your small area roomier from the pros!

1. The number one rule in a small space is to keep it as decluttered as possible. Clutter immediately shrinks an already cramped space.

2. Leave some space between the side of your furniture and the walls and place your furniture on an angle if possible. These two decorating tips will add immediate ariness and space to any small area. 

3. Choose low profile furniture, ideally with exposed legs to further add the to the illusion of ariness.

SOURCE: HGTV.ca https://www.hgtv.ca/living-rooms/photos/small-living-room-design-ideas-1913983/#currentSlide=8


4. Strategically placing mirrors in a small space will reflect light back into the room. This will take a bit of trial and error to get just right, however placing a mirror near a light source is a good place to start. 

SOURCE: HGTV.ca https://www.hgtv.ca/living-rooms/photos/small-living-room-design-ideas-1913983/


5. Avoid window coverings if you can. Leaving your window completely exposed will allow the maximum amount of light to enter. If you do have to hang some sort of window coverings, choose floor length, light weight, and light colour fabric, which will help brighten and open the area while elongating the room. Choose a curtain rail that extends past the sides of the window so that curtains can be opened completely.

6. Opt for one large piece of furniture as opposed to several small pieces, like a large sectional couch or a queen sized bed that fills a small bedroom (which gives a cozy atmosphere). These will become the focal point and you can build your storage and decor around it.

SOURCE: idealhome.co.uk

7. To add more storage and height to the room, install floor to ceiling bookshelves or build shelving around staple furniture pieces and utilize baskets like below to store extra loose items. Click on the storage boxes below to see where they are available. Make sure not to clutter each shelf and leave some sparse or completely empty. 

SOURCE: southernliving.com

8. Choose multi-purpose items such as a couch or ottoman with storage, nesting tables, a fold out desk, or a coffee table that can be extended or act as even more storage. Click on the couch below to view!

9. If glass tables and lucite furniture fits your style, these types of transparent pieces do wonders for opening up your small space. 

9. Opt for a few separate light sources as opposed to one lamp. This will spread the light around the area more evenly.

10. To take your shelves a step further, colour code them! This makes the arrangement look intentional and feel more cohesive.

SOURCE: livingstyleideas.com

11. Use the Cantelope rule by Sabrina Sotto, “"Decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room.". Choose fewer, larger pieces like these vases to decorate your small space.

12. Go for one or a few large pieces of bold art as opposed to a gallery wall. This will give the space a strong focal point.

13. Break the rules! Who says you can't have a massive bean bag chair (click the beanbag image to view!) instead of an armchair or a hammock couch? Personal, unexpected touches can do alot for small spaces!

SOURCE: housebeautiful.com

Whether you are just moving in or refreshing a room or two in your home, I hope that these tips and tricks help transform your small spaces in to bright, spacious, and useful areas!

If you are starting on the decluttering step of redecorating your small space, check out my 30 Day Declutter Challenge to help you get started and stay on track HERE!


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