Selling Your Home is Still Possible

Selling Your Home is Still Possible


For most potential home sellers, the wise move right now is to stay put. In addition to a real risk from Coronavirus, there is short-term uncertainty in the Ottawa market that should hopefully clear up as restrictions are eased and we all adjust to the “New Normal.” That said, it’s actually a great time to prepare for selling your home, since you’re likely spending some extra time there and aren’t under a time pressure. Ottawa’s “spring market” is likely not happening until Summer or Fall this year.


If staying put is not an option any more, my team and I are here to help. We have systems in place to practice largely a non-contact listing and ensure expert marketing and negotiation of the sale of your home. I spoke briefly about this in a previous blog post, “Adjusting to the “New Normal”, but here is an overview of what listing your house right now would look like.


We’ll keep in touch via whichever form of electronic communication (or phone) suits you best. If you are a little apprehensive about any of the technology, my team and I are tech savvy and will gladly walk you through setting up.



Before your home is listed on the market, there is some preparation we have to do.

  • Let’s put together a detailed Opinion of Value of your home using available resources, experience, and working together for you to give me a "virtual walkthrough" of your space, I can pinpoint the correct price range for your home and outline a marketing strategy that will attract the right buyers.
  • Once you have your home ready for it’s close up, my photographer and videographer will get to work. Professional photography and videography is included with all of my team’s listings in order to show your home in the best light. Professional photos and video can make a big difference in the attention your home gets. The images and video used in the listing and in marketing have now partially replaced showings, putting your home’s best foot forward with professional photos and video could make the difference between one and multiple offers.
  • To complement photography, my photographers produce amazing 3D tours that place the viewer in the home, so that they don't even need to be there to make their purchase decision. This, coupled with the images, video, and virtual showing that their agent will most likely take the Buyer on, will make prospective Buyers feel much more confident with their purchase decision. 
  • My team and I will use these images, video, and 3D tours to create targeted marketing to ensure that your home gets the attention it deserves! Internet and social media marketing are  already crucial pillars of my marketing strategy for listings. Now that we're all at home, that's even more important! I employ a mix of paid and organic online marketing for your home that puts your property in front of the right buyers at the right time, helping you to sell smoothly and for the right price.
  • All of the paperwork that you will have to sign throughout the sale of your home are done completely through electronic signature. My team expertly walks you through so that there is no confusion with the forms or the technology. All you need is an email address and we'll help you with the rest.


Your Listing is Live!

  • Now that your home’s listing is live, consider staying offsite. If it's an option, consider staying offsite at a hotel or airbnb during the listing period, especially if we're using a delayed-offer marketing and pricing strategy.
  • I provide virtual walkthroughs and open houses to overcome any hesitations that buyers have about placing an offer on your home.
  • Buyers and their clients are strictly qualified prior to in-person viewings, and we'll discuss whether they may be restricted entirely until they have an accepted offer in place. 
  • Once someone offers on your home, there is a good possibility that they will want a Home Inspection. Home Inspections are limited to only the inspector. Agents and buyers will not accompany inspectors. My suggestion in all listings will be that I include a pre-inspection by a well-regarded home inspector prior to listing.



  • Just like with the rest of the paperwork so far, the closing paperwork for your home can all be done via electronic signature.
  • To get the feel for a closing during Covid-19, check out my first podcast episode where I interview Eli Udell and Noah Potechin, lawyers at Merovitz Potechin LLP, in Ottawa. They explain the new reality and how they have successfully adjusted their business to continue to serve their clients. 
  • Deposits and transfer of funds are regularly being done via electronic transfer or wire transfer. Different brokerages and professional services will have different ways of completing the transfer of funds right now, but I will ensure that it is done securely and safely. 
  • Transfer of Keys are typically done via a lockbox at the property these days, instead of being picked up at the Lawyer’s office.
  • It may be tougher to arrange a mover these days. Be sure to book ahead.


If you would like to see how we have adapted our business for Buyers, check out this blog post!


Your safety and health come first, and you can leave it to my team to ensure that you also still sell your home smoothly and successfully even when times are uncertain. Give me a call and we can chat!




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