Riverside South Community Highlight

Riverside South Community Highlight


Welcome to Riverside South! You are going to love the family-friendly community,  beautiful greenspaces, and amazing schools!


Riverside South is located in the Gloucester-South Nepean Ward of Ottawa and is located at the South end of the city, just a short drive from Barrhaven and the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. 

The community is bordered by Leitrim Road to the North, the Rideau River to the West, a line half-way between Earl Armstrong and Rideau Road to the South and Bowesville Road to the East.




Riverside South is a rapidly growing part of Ottawa that is conveniently located for daily commuters as well as those working within the community. Those that drive will tell you commuting is a breeze as Riverside South as it is ideally placed for short commutes. Many of those who live in the community commute to areas like downtown Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, and Barrhaven for work. 

With the opening of the Vimy Memorial Bridge in 2014 linking ever-growing Barrhaven, Riverside South is more accessible than ever to those who drive. To access the rest of the city of Ottawa, take Limebank Road to Hunt Club and the rest of Nepean. 

If you take public transport, don’t worry! Riverside South continues to add transport options as the community grows. For example, Limebank Road has grown even more to include street level bus stops and is the future home to the Limebank Station of the Trillium LRT Line (coming in 2022/2023!).

Riverside South is home to some incredible greenspace and a comprehensive system of walking trails and bike paths, making hopping on your bike or skateboard, or strapping on your roller blades a very efficient form of transportation within the community in the warmer months. 



Riverside South was mostly farmland until the mid 1990’s when extensive housing development began, much like the other major suburban communities in Ottawa; Barrhaven, Orleans, Kanata. The majority of the homes in this community are detached single family homes on nice sized lots with some townhomes and stacked condos sprinkled throughout. Most homes range typically from 2 to 5 bedrooms and are designed with small and growing families in mind. 

The projected growth in Riverside South is impressive, with it estimated to become one of Ottawa’s larger communities in the future.


Schools and Child Care

Riverside South has quite a few education options available, including 2 public schools, 4 private and Catholic schools, with both Francophone and bilingual options in the immediate area as well as further options in neighbouring Barrhaven. 


The public schools include:

Steve MacLean Public School

École élémentaire publique Michel-Dupuis

The Catholic and private schools include:

St.Jerome School

École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître

St.Francis Xavier High School

Elementary School Catholic Jonathan-Pitre


Riverside South is home to the only Ottawa school that offers a balanced calendar, L'école élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître. This school year differs by reducing the summer vacation time by 3 weeks and re-distributing the time off throughout the year, giving students and teachers time to unwind and supporting a more regular pace of learning. For example, they would receive 1 week off at Thanksgiving, 1 week during Victoria Day holiday, and a 2 week March Break. What started out as a pilot project in 2010 has become the regular schedule for L'école élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître, with more schools in Ottawa possibly following suit in coming years.

If you have children that are not old enough to attend school, this area offers plenty of home daycares, playgroups, and parent meet-up options as well. 


Parks and Recreation

If you are looking to live in a community that prioritizes greenspace, Riverside South is the place for you! The area is bordered by the greenbelt, farmland, and the Rideau River, with 750+ acres of protected greenspace including forests, parks, ravines, and walkways for creatures and residents to enjoy.

Outdoor attractions in Riverside South include Mosquito Creek, Murphy Park, Henry Park, Honey Gables Park and Claudette Cain Park along the Rideau River, Summerhill Park, Four Seasons Park, the Chapman Mills Conservation Area, and many more stunning community parks and green spaces in close neighbouring communities. Chapman Mills Conservation Area is located right across the Rideau River on the West bank and consists of 23 acres of protected natural shoreline, wetlands, and flood plain areas. This conservation area serves as a passive recreational area for the Chapman Mills community and its neighbours with gorgeous locations to enjoy a picnic, walk, and take in nature.


Within recent years Riverside South has exploded to include pretty much all the amenities and necessities you need for day to day life. Although Riverside South is predominantly a residentials suburban neighbourhood, it is home to many shops and restaurants with more and more popping up each day. Enjoy some of Ottawa’s best breakfast at one of the Broadway Bar & Grill locations, grab some Mediterranean food from Zizi’s Kitchen and Retaj Mediterranean Cuisine and experience the delicious Indian food from Host India

Do your grocery shopping, get gas, hit the gym, get your nails and lashes done, and pick up necessities all at the main mall at the corner of Earl Armstrong Road and River Road.

If you can't find what you are looking for in Riverside South, hop over the Vimy Memorial Bridge to Barrhaven, down Limebank Road to Hunt Club or take a trip to the scenic village of Manotick, less than a 10 minute drive away. 



Hundreds of years ago, the area now known as Riverside South was cleared and cultivated by settlers for the first time and up until the mid 1990s, the area was mostly farmland and wilderness. In 1996, the first homes were built, and the community began to expand and develop at the same rate as other suburban communities in the Ottawa area; Barrhaven, Orleans, and Kanata. 

Most of the residential development has happened around River Road, Earl Armstrong Road, West of Limebank Road, towards Manotick, and to the East, closer to Leitrim Road. The Riverside South community also includes a much older area called Honey Gables, which was established in the 1950s and is comprised of 3 streets to the West of River Road.

Urbandale Corporation and Richcraft Group of Companies put together an informative PDF pamphlet about Riverside South’s history and conservation areas. 

It is always important to remember when learning the history of any area that we include the history of those that we stole this land from. The entirety of Ottawa was built on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe Territory. To learn more about the Algonquin peoples and their history, go to Algonquins of Ontario.



Riverside South is a peaceful family-friendly community, ideal for families looking for a suburban lifestyle surrounded by greenspace and recreational options. You won’t find much of a night life in Riverside South, but if  BBQs, kids birthdays, sports, pool parties, and community events are more your speed, you will love this place. 

All your necessities and amenities are available with the community and you have access to so much more just over the bridge to Barrhaven, down the road to Hunt Club, or Southwest to lovely Manotick. 

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