PODCAST - Shifting Markets | How to Buy a Home When The Ground is Moving Under Your Feet

PODCAST - Shifting Markets | How to Buy a Home When The Ground is Moving Under Your Feet





Shifting Markets: How to Buy a Home When The Ground is Moving Under Your Feet


In this episode I interview a past client, Joel Karwatsky. Joel and his wife had the challenging task of buying their home a few years ago when Ottawa shifted from a balanced market to a Seller's market in the area that they were searching in. Joel shares how he adapted as a buyer and managed to succeed, and we share some stories about the strange things we saw on his home search.

Recorded May 11, 2020

In this episode I interview past client and friend Joel Karwatsky about the challenges of buying in a changing market, which has great parallels for a buyer in 2020. Joel and I also reminisce about some of the stranger things that we saw on his home hunt, including a shocking thing that a seller tried to hide from us!

Joel and his partner Debbie were first-time homebuyers in 2016, looking in the Civic Hospital neighbourhood of Ottawa. After getting into a long and frustrating negotiation with the seller of a home that was attractive but seemingly overpriced, they made an offer on a newly listed semi-detached home on busy Holland Avenue. 

The Holland Avenue home sold in multiple offers (16, if I recall correctly) and sold for over $100,000 over the asking price, which was shocking at the time. All of a sudden, Joel was faced with the realization that the market was changing and that he might get left behind. 

All of a sudden, the first house (bigger and nicer than the Holland house on a better street) seemed like a much better deal. Many Buyers would let Ego and the frustrations of the previous negotiation get in the way, but Joel and Debbie realized that they needed to act quickly before other buyers and their agents noticed this unplucked gem. . . 

Years later, this is a success story and Joel and Debbie still live in (and love) that home. 

I'm grateful to Joel for joining me on the show today! He's certainly one of my favourite people that I've met as a REALTOR® and an excellent storyteller.

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