PODCAST - Creating Extra Income Potential With a Secondary Dwelling

PODCAST - Creating Extra Income Potential With a Secondary Dwelling







Creating Rental Income by Adding a Secondary Dwelling Unit


Today I interview Danny Dawson, a colleague of mine with experience in creating secondary dwelling units. For the right homeowners or investors, this can be a great way to add utility and income potential to a single dwelling.  


This episode was recorded near the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Real Estate has been included in the list of essential industries, but it’s clearly not business as usual. As Danny mentioned, Ottawa has a number of advantages that make it a great place to live including a strong job market, diverse economy and room to grow. One feature of the city is a tight rental market, and part of Danny’s business is helping clients create a secondary dwelling unit, a second suite within their home or single income property to increase rental income.


I chose Danny today because as well as being colleagues, he and I are friends at the brokerage and I trust him to be candid and blunt with his experience. Danny doesn’t sugar-coat his experiences and is straightforward with his failures as well as his successes. Renovation and property investment isn’t for everyone, and he sheds some light on the pitfalls as well as the opportunities.


You can reach out directly to Danny at http://dannydawson.ca/

You can send your questions, episode requests or comments to me at nickfundytus.ca.  

Thanks for listening and sharing with someone that can use the advice and insights!


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