PODCAST - Closings in the Time of Coronavirus

PODCAST - Closings in the Time of Coronavirus



Today I interview Eli Udell and Noah Potechin! Both are lawyers at Merovitz Potechin LLP in Ottawa, with Eli being one of the firm's partners. 

The Real Estate industry has been deemed essential by the Ontario Government during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We discuss why this may be, and what it means specifically for you if you're buying or selling a home during this time, or are expecting to close on a home. Although the industry is active, it's certainly not "business as usual" and we discuss the steps that we're taking on the legal side to keep clients, ourselves, and the general public safe while still making sure the homes can close successfully. 

Merovitz Potechin LLP is one of the firms that I refer clients to the most often, and in listening to Eli and Noah it's easy to see why. Although they are both with the firm their opinions are their own and not those of their employer, but they are a reflection of this excellent firm.

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