Meet Karim Ali!

Meet Karim Ali!



Karim has joined the Nick Fundytus team as a buyer specialist. His easy-going manner helps ease the many challenges and concerns that first-time home buyers face.

Born and raised in Ottawa, he grew up in Viscount Alexander Park and spent much of his childhood in the east end of the city. As a teenager, he went to school in Lower Town and later graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Karim understands the importance of relationship building and will take the time to make sure his clients’ goals are met. He takes the Fundytus Team’s people-first approach to heart in every purchase he helps with:


“Every client is unique, and it’s important our approach is suited to their specific needs.”


As a young agent, Karim has a lot of insight into the values our tech-savvy world has to offer and is able to integrate these useful technologies into his business to better serve clients. His ability to work with and understand tech has allowed him to attain more successes for his clients in a fast-paced market.

Karim is also a current reserve member of the Canadian Armed Forces. He has a deep understanding of the challenges military families may face while transitioning in and out of their positions within the National Capital Region and is able to assist with empathy.


“My favourite thing about Ottawa must be its people. Growing up here, I’ve always felt like I belonged here, whether that was working in the Château Laurier’s beautiful restaurants or finding out my bunkmate during Basic Training in Sudbury went to the same high school in Lower Town. I wouldn’t want to call any other place home.”


Welcome to the team, Karim!

You can contact Karim at karim@nickfundytus.ca 


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