Getting the Buyer's Perspective on Your Property

Getting the Buyer's Perspective on Your Property


When you walk through the front door of your home, you have a very different experience than a potential Buyer would. You see the familiar. You see the memories. You see your life. In fact, you might even wonder why anyone would hesitate to fall instantly in love with your home. After all, you did! 


Buyers, however, don’t have that same perspective.     


When they walk through your front door, they see a place they’ve never been before. To them, it’s a stranger’s home. They’re looking at your property with a critical eye. They’re asking questions like, “Is the main floor large enough? Do we like the feel of the place? Does this house meet all of our needs? Is it move-in ready or do repairs and improvements need to be done? Is the house clean and neat?”


So, when preparing your property for sale, it’s important to see your home from a Buyer’s point-of-view. A good exercise is to pretend you’re a Buyer and walk through your home, starting at the entranceway. Ask yourself “what would a potential Buyer see?” as you visit each room. 



For example, when you look at the kitchen, from a Buyer’s perspective, what do you like about it? What do you not like? Do the same with the other rooms and spaces in your home. Do you notice clutter, needed repairs, poorly lit areas, and rooms that feel small and confining? Check out our “Main Floor Flow Up: It’s Showing Time!” blog for more details on how to do a thorough walkthrough from a Buyer's perspective. 


Also, of course, notice those features that would likely impress a Buyer, such as a modern ensuite bathroom or new and stylish kitchen appliances. Take notes as you walk through each room and use this information to fix up areas that need some attention and really highlight those special areas and features. 


Remember, an interested Buyer is more likely to make a good offer on a property that “shows” well. A well maintained, cleaned, and staged home will not only show well, but it will also sell more quickly and most likely for a higher price! 


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