Construction and Infrastructure Projects | City of Ottawa

Construction and Infrastructure Projects | City of Ottawa


Every single year, the City of Ottawa has approximately 500 construction projects on the go costing around $500 million dollars. These projects include growth and investment in existing communities as well as improvement and maintenance of bridges, buildings, roads, sewers, and much more. You do not have to live in Ottawa for long to know that construction season is all year long, and the city is aware of the impact this has on our day to day lives. 


The City of Ottawa has launched an Interactive Construction Forecast Map that will allow you to see what projects are planned for our city in the future. The map comes with a detailed and interactive legend differentiating upcoming linear and localized construction, colour coded estimated start year, and the ability to remove and add layers to better understand what is upcoming. 


To see what construction is currently happening in your area, as well as traffic incidents, city parking, park and ride, events, traffic cameras and much more, check out the City of Ottawa Interactive Traffic Map


These two websites are great tools to keep in mind, especially when planning to move. Being able to see what interruptions may be coming up in an area you are interested in moving to will allow you to make a more informed decision. You will be able to plan your commute as well as prepare for any possible sound interruptions in regards to loud construction. 


If you are thinking of moving, give me a call! I can help you to make informed decisions when buying or selling by making sense of how these city projects will affect home values.


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