Budgeting for Moving Day Expenses

Budgeting for Moving Day Expenses


Imagine, you have closed on the home of your dreams and cannot wait to move in! Now begins the massive task of organizing and moving all of your possessions to a new home.


Many people underestimate the time and costs involved in physically moving your possessions from one home to the other. Careful planning and budgeting are crucial to ensuring moving day goes smoothly. You have three basic options when moving house: 


1. Hire a moving company to handle everything. 

Services and quality vary greatly from one moving company to the other and there are a few ways you can go about choosing the right company for you. 


Referrals from friends, family and colleagues are a fantastic way to narrow down your options. You can also utilize your social media circle to gather recommendations from those you do not see or speak to on a regular basis. The third option is to surf the internet and read reviews. Regardless how you create your list of moving company options, contact at least least three companies and gather quotes before making your final decision. 


To get the most accurate quote possible, make sure you go into these phone calls or emails prepared with information including: 

  • the size of home you are moving from (number of bedrooms) and to 
  • how accessible both your old and new home are to the movers and the truck
  • how much will be prepared ahead of time 
  • the new address and distance between your old home and new
  • any other pertinent information the moving company may need 


This is the most expensive, but least stressful option. The company you hire will base their fees on many factors including cost of labour, fuel, distance and volume of possessions that need to be moved. Moving companies also provide valuation coverage, which is a monetary amount they are willing to be liable for any damages or lost items. This amount varies from company to company, which means you will most likely want to look into moving insurance as well. 


There are also additional expenses if you wish to hire a company that not only moves your belongings to the new home, but also pack and/or prepare appliances for the move. 

2. Hire a truck and crew, while doing some of the work yourself. (For example, you can pack and help with loading.) 

When hiring a truck and a moving crew, you want to take the same steps as listed under the first option to ensure you pick the truck size and crew best suited for your move. This type of move varies greatly depending on how much of the move you are able to do yourself. If you are able to pre pack, label, and organize all of your belongings before the crew and truck arrives, you will save time on the day and, therefore, money. Usually crews are paid by the hour, so the more that you can do yourself and help on the day of the move, the more money you will save.


If you are packing all of your possessions yourself, you will need to create a list of supplies like:

  • Boxes
  • packing tape
  • Markers
  • protective fill/wrapping

3. Do it all yourself by renting a moving van and getting friends and family to help.

The least expensive option is to move everything yourself.  Your entire fee may be the price of a truck for the day and pizza and beverages for your wonderful volunteers! The most difficult part of this choice is ensuring that everyone shows up (and on time) and that the move is completed in a reasonable time-frame. 


Other costs that may need to be factored in are:

  • Peak seasons surcharges 
  • Vehicle shipping if you are moving a far distance
  • Multiple-day moving costs if you move may take more than one day (moving a far distance or large amounts of possessions)
  • Storage unit if you intend on placing some of your belongings in storage
  • Cleaning costs for the home you are leaving and/or the one you are moving in to
  • Child care and/or pet care for the day
  • Time off work if necessary 
  • Utility set up
  • New furniture


If you need a referral to a great moving broker or moving company in Ottawa, get in touch and I’m happy to connect you with some fantastic professionals!


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