Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill Community Highlight

Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill Community Highlight


Welcome to Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill! You are going to love the family-friendly community,  great schools, beautiful greenspaces, and easy access to necessities and amenities!


Blossom Park West/ Sawmill Creek is situated in the South end of Ottawa and is bordered by Hunt Club Road to the North, Conroy Road to the East, Davidson Road to the South, and Albion Road to the West. 




Blossom Park West is a fantastic area to live in, regardless of your form of transportation! Most homes in this community have either attached parking or assigned parking, so you will not have to worry about paying extra out of pocket when you live here. Living in this area, you will be mostly car-dependent when running errands, however, the streets are easy to navigate, they are bike and walking friendly, and there are multiple paths and street-level transit stops in the area. 



Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek is made up of mostly single family homes and townhomes with large patches of the Greenbelt.    


Schools and Child Care

Blossom Park West has quite a few education options available within its borders, including 3 public schools, 2 private and Catholic schools, with both Francophone and bilingual options in the immediate area and just outside of Blossom Park West. \


The public schools include:

Gabrielle Roy Public School

Sawmill Creek Elementary School

Blossom Park Public School


The Catholic and private schools include:

St. Bernard School 

St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School


If you have children that are not old enough to attend school, this area offers a few options of home daycares, playgroups, and parent meet-up options as well. 


Parks and Recreation

Blossom Park West is surrounded by beautiful greenspace and the Greenbelt on two sides with lots of fantastic parks and recreation options sprinkled throughout. 

Conroy Pit takes up the North-Eastern portion of Blossom Park West with access to its amazing trail system via Athans Park at the end of St. Barbara Street. Athans Park is a quiet little off leash-friendly dog park that has a great sledding hill in the winter. 

Sieveright Park has lots of outdoor entertainment options for children of all ages including a large playground, basketball and soccer fields, tennis court, an outdoor rink in the winter, covered gazebo with seating, accessible parking, and walking trails. Emerald Woods Park is dog friendly and features a splash pad, lots of mature trees and ample shade, and an outdoor rink in the winter, soccer goals, a playground, and lots of parking. 

Fawn Meadow Park is also known as Dragon Park for its unique Loch Ness/ dragon inspired climbing sculpture in the sandy playground. The park features a splash pad, swings, walking trails, a covered area with seating, and the Proposal Pond with a trail loop and benches around it. Aladdin Park also has a (small) splashpad, play structure and swings, tennis courts, baseball field and lots of parking. 

For an indoor activity, check out Sawmill Creek Pool and Community Centre. This community center features an indoor pool with lane and family swimming offering lessons and open swimming time, two recreation rooms, 2 outdoor playgrounds, outdoor rink in the winter, baseball diamond, and lots of parking.



Blossom Park West is primarily a residential and greenspace area with some amenities throughout and many more options in neighbouring communities. The main mall in the area is Blossom Park Shopping Centre which includes a Farm Boy, Giant Tiger, Kardish Health Food Store, Kallisto Greek Restraunt, a Dollar Tree, a branch of the Ottawa Public Library and more. 

Enjoy delicious restaurants in the area like Kallisto Greek Restraunt, Ozzy Food Market, Cleopatra CookingHalal Pizza, All Out Burger, STACKED- Smoked Meat & Grill, Chips & Dairy Fast Food, and more. 

For more options, South Keys is a quick drive or bus ride away. 



Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill is a neighbourhood in the Gloucester-Southgate Ward in the South-end of Ottawa. This area’s first recorded settler history is from the early 19th century when immigrants began to clear and farm the area.. As Blossom Park was settled, a street grid was established, but little development happened as the area remained primarily rural and farmland until a better part of the first half of the 20th century. 

As the population grew, Saint Bernard School opened its doors for the first time in 1955 and Blossom Park Public School the following year directly next door. Saint Bernard Roman Catholic Parish was established in 1957, but residential development did not start to really take off for another few years when lots were sold for residential development at the beginning of the 1960’s. Public transit was extended to the community by the Ottawa Transportation Commission (now known as OC Transpo) in 1972, giving the community more access to the rest of Ottawa. 

Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill was amalgamated into the city of Ottawa in 2001 as a suburb of the City of Gloucester. 

It is always important to remember when learning the history of any area that we include the history of those that we stole this land from. The entirety of Ottawa was built on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabe Territory. To learn more about the Algonquin peoples and their history, go to Algonquins of Ontario.



Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill is a fantastic suburban residential community in the South-end of Ottawa. This neighbourhood is best suited to families and those looking for a detached house or townhome close to lots of recreational activities and entertainment close by, incredible greenspaces, close proximity to great schools, a quick drive or bus ride to daily amenities, school, and work, and a friendly community.


What is your favourite thing to do in Blossom Park West/Sawmill Creek/Timbermill? Let us know! We love adding Ottawa insider knowledge to our blogs and including as much information as possible! Let us know if we missed anything by emailing admin@nickfundytus.ca!


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