5 Ways to Add Fun to the Selling Process

5 Ways to Add Fun to the Selling Process


When you think about selling your property, do you dwell on all the possible work and stress involved? You're not alone. Many homeowners share the same worry. After all, selling your home is a BIG deal.

But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, there are plenty of ways to add some fun, and even a sense of adventure to the selling process. Here are just a few ideas:


  1. Plan fun things to do when your home is being shown. This can include walks, sports, family activities, or trying something you and your family have never done before. Ideally, plan a family trip the first week of showings so that you do not have to juggle keeping your home in showing condition while living your day-to-day life. It will also allow you to completely open up the showing schedule and not limit potential buyers. 


  1. Declutter for your own benefit. Instead of thinking about decluttering as a chore required for the sale, focus instead on how much more comfortable your home will be and how much bigger it will feel after decluttering. You will have to pack up to move anyways, so see it as both getting a head start on your move while also getting your home looking its absolute best. Studies consistently show that less clutter reduces stress and increases a sense of wellbeing. Check out our 30 Day Declutter Challenge to help you get motivated and organized! 


  1. Get everyone in your home anticipating the move in a positive way. Post pictures of your next home on the fridge, explore your new neighbourhood and make plans for other areas to check out when you finally move, and plan for your new home’s decor. Moving  house can be a scary thing, especially for kids. So, making it fun and adding a bit of  adventure will help boost the moods of everyone. 


  1. Celebrate milestones in the selling process. For example, when you're finished preparing your property for sale, go out to celebrate. Make a checklist of milestones and how you'll celebrate each one. Choose some of the stages or tasks associated with selling your home you are most anxious about a plan a way to celebrate their completion. 


  1. Get the help you need. A big part of the stress of selling is the anticipated work involved. Remember, you don't have to do it all yourself. Much of what needs to be done can be handled by contractors and other professionals. Repairs? Hire a contractor. Walls need to be repainted? Hire a professional or bribe friends and family with some pizza and beer. Have a lot of decluttering to do? There are professionals for that as well! Or put on a great playlist, order another pizza, call over your family and friends, and make it fun!


There are many other ways to make selling your home a positive and turbulent free experience. Give me a call if you'd like more ideas and suggestions. We are always happy to help out!


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