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Meals for All this Easter

The Ottawa Mission’s extraordinary act of kindness this holiday serves as a humbling reminder of the power of generosity. Read on to uncover the heartwarming tale of how a record number of Easter meals provided more than just sustenance; they nourished the community spirit in a time when it was needed the most

A Record-Breaking Easter in Ottawa

In the heart of Ottawa, the Easter season brought with it an event that symbolized community spirit and compassion at its finest. The Ottawa Mission, a beacon of hope for those in need, shattered records by serving an impressive 17,405 Easter meals in the week leading up to the holiday. This milestone is not just about the numbers; it represents the increasing need within our community and the dedicated efforts to address it.

The Power of Community


The accomplishment of serving these meals was made possible through the collective efforts of volunteers, staff, and the Mission’s innovative food truck program. This concerted action underlines the crucial role of community in tackling the challenges of food insecurity and homelessness.

The Feast


This year’s Easter menu was a testament to generosity, featuring an extensive array of dishes prepared to cater to the diverse needs of Ottawa’s residents. The preparation and distribution of these meals highlight the logistical and emotional effort invested by the entire team at the Mission, led by their executive chef, Ric Watson.

Beyond Meals


The impact of the Ottawa Mission’s Easter meals extends far beyond the physical nourishment they provide. They offer a space for social connection and community building, shedding light on the importance of these gatherings in fostering a sense of belonging among Ottawa’s most vulnerable populations.

A Growing Crisis


The staggering number of meals served this Easter reflects a broader, more troubling trend of increasing hunger and homelessness in Ottawa. This rise in demand places additional pressure on the resources and capabilities of organizations like the Ottawa Mission, which has seen meal services escalate dramatically.

A Centennial of Service


The Ottawa Mission has stood as a pillar of support since 1906, offering not just food, but shelter, clothing, and skills training to those in need. The success of this Easter’s meal service is a clear indication of what can be achieved through sustained community support and engagement.

Looking Forward


The record-breaking Easter service at the Ottawa Mission serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by many in our community and the critical role of collective action in addressing these issues. It is a call to each of us to contribute in any way we can, reinforcing the idea that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those around us.

As we reflect on the Mission’s efforts this Easter, let’s carry forward the spirit of generosity and community support, remembering that our collective actions can bring about meaningful change. The Ottawa Mission’s work underscores the importance of compassion and collaboration in building a stronger, more inclusive community for all.

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