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Median Sale Prices in Ottawa’s Hoods


As we step into 2024, a comprehensive (and unusual) analysis of the Ottawa Real Estate Median Sale Prices for February 2024 reveals intriguing trends. This month, we take the time to explore and compare median sale prices for condos, attached homes, and detached residences across various neighbourhoods, offering a granular perspective on the capital’s vibrant housing landscape.


As we navigate the complexities of Ottawa’s real estate market, understanding the nuances between different types of properties is crucial. February 2024 has seen varied median sale prices across the city, with significant differences depending on the type of property. Let’s delve into what this month’s data tells us about detached homes, two-storey attached homes, and condo apartments within Ottawa’s core.


Detached, Freehold Listings: A Premium Market


Detached homes represent the premium segment of the market, with median sale prices reflecting the desire for space and privacy. For instance, Riverside South stands out with a striking median sale price of $1,068,500, illustrating the high demand for luxury and family-sized homes, typically newer & on bigger lots . Other suburbs like Barrhaven and Kanata/Stittsville have also shown robust prices at $750,000 and $880,000 respectively, catering to those seeking detached living in well-established communities.


Two-Storey Attached Homes: The Middle Ground


Two-storey attached homes offer some balance between spaciousness and the convenience of a more compact footprint. This category sees Kanata leading with a median sale price of $630,000, likely driven by the area’s tech industry and family-friendly reputation. The western section of the core follows closely with a median price of $595,000, offering a more affordable option for those looking for a mix of suburban comfort and accessibility. It’s important to note, however, that the $595,000 is largely driven by high sales in Westboro.


Condo Apartments: Urban Living within Reach


Condo apartments in the core of Ottawa present an accessible entry point into the market, particularly appealing to first-time buyers and those who prioritize location over space. The median sale price in Centretown is $401,000, reflecting the high demand for living in the heart of the city. Meanwhile, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and the ByWard Market area hold a median of $402,000, offering a lifestyle rich with amenities and cultural experiences. Westboro’s $685,000 was heavily influenced by sales of luxury 2-bedroom condos.


Market Diversity: A Place for Everyone


Ottawa’s real estate market continues to offer a diverse array of options catering to different lifestyles and budgets. Whether it’s the spaciousness and exclusivity of a detached home in Riverside South, the family-oriented attached homes in suburban areas like Kanata, or the bustling urban life afforded by condo living in Centretown, the capital’s housing market has something for everyone.


As we approach the spring market, which often sees a surge in activity, these figures not only serve as a benchmark for current values but also as a predictor for emerging trends. Understanding the distinctions between property types and their respective demands is essential for any buyer or seller looking to make an informed decision in the Ottawa real estate market.


Stay with us for the latest updates and insights, as we keep our finger on the pulse of this vibrant and ever-changing landscape.


Bonus tips


Consider Future Developments: When investing in real estate, it’s essential to look beyond current market conditions. Ottawa is a city on the move, with several developments planned for the coming years. Whether it’s new public transit lines, commercial complexes, or educational institutions, these developments can significantly impact property values. Before making a purchase, research upcoming city plans and consider how they might influence the desirability and worth of homes in different neighbourhoods.



Understand the Seasonal Trends: The real estate market in Ottawa, like many others, ebbs and flows with the seasons. Typically, spring and fall are busier times for the market, with more listings and buyers. However, buying off-peak, such as during the winter, may offer unique opportunities. Sellers during this time may be more motivated, potentially leading to better deals. If you’re not in a rush, consider timing your entry into the market to align with these seasonal trends for the best possible outcome.


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