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Values and building community as Realtors

This week, as we wrap up fundraising and prepare to walk for #CNOY in support of local shelters, Nick explains what being “people-first” means to our team and why we’ve selected the causes that we have. 

We have to mean it.

Early on, what I wrestled with as a Realtor was finding ways to contribute to my community. It had been clear to me as a teacher: I was shaping young minds and giving my students the tools to grow and succeed in the world. Now, I felt that I was “merely” selling homes. Although each move was a big one for my clients, I needed this to be more than just a way to pay my bills.


On my early business cards I settled on the motto, “One client at a time, one relationship at a time.” I thought that was pretty good to start; by focusing on each new client as if they were my only client I could take pride on the quality of my work and the relationships that I’d built. 


As my community and my team grew, we adopted “Ottawa’s People-First Realtor.” It shows more than just a commitment to our clients, but to the communities that we serve. It’s a reflection of our team’s values of being approachable, of sharing openly and of building connections that make our world better. 


Every community initiative that we take on keeps that in mind. If that’s going to be our motto, we have to live it. We choose to contribute to local charities because the impact is visible and hopefully inspires our community to make an impact of their own

Local Causes (and why we love them)

Our team has a tradition of donating a portion of every closing commission to a local cause on behalf of our clients. You can see some of our favourites on our “we love Ottawa” page. Here’s what they mean to me and why.



Royal LePage Shelter Foundation – Protecting the vulnerable

In a wealthy country like Canada, there’s no reason for anyone not to have a roof over their heads, especially women and children fleeing abusive relationships. I may not be able to solve the problem on my own, but I hope that the money that my colleagues and I at Royal LePage raise every year has helped give a fresh start to women in need.


Coldest Night of the Year

Thanks to our wonderful marketing director, Hannah, to suggest that we walk in this fundraiser for the first time in 2024. CNOY supports local shelters, and we’re fundraising for two organizations in Lowertown this year. No one deserves to be homeless, and this organization helps to give dignity and safety to some of our city’s most vulnerable.



Camp Ten Oaks – A space to be themselves

Everyone deserves a space where they can be free to be themselves. Camp Ten Oaks is one of those spaces for kids in the 2SLGBTQ+ community.  Supporting this organization also means that we refuse to be silent against the bigots that would erase these spaces.


My wife Gillian and I actually met at a camp (as counsellors) for disadvantaged kids back in 2002. It was eye-opening to see how impactful that experience could be for those children, so I’m proud to contribute in a small way to kids who need that here in Ottawa.


Planned Parenthood Ottawa

Women’s rights are human rights. Across the world there are forces and organizations that will, and do roll back the clock on women’s rights. One only needs to see the repeal of Roe v. Wade in the United States for a chilling example. Supporting Planned Parenthood is one small way that we can contribute and show where our team stands on reproductive rights.



Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Our most valuable treasure is our natural world. At a time when nature is constantly being threatened by humanity’s actions, this is a small way to serve nature locally.


Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
I may not be an elementary school teacher anymore, but I know the value of positive mentors and opportunities in our children’s lives. Boys and Girls Clubs in Ottawa reach some of our city’s most vulnerable youths at critical times in their lives.

Local Love: How you can give to your community


Volunteer: Whether it’s serving up soup at the Ottawa Mission or running for cancer research, Ottawa is full of opportunities to get directly involved. Not sure where to start? Ask me and the team; we know plenty of groups that would love to have you and can give you an introduction.


Start a Fundraiser: Our team holds an annual Bonspiel to support the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. What we learned is that we can have a ton of fun while still serving those in need. Let me know what you’re into and let’s build a fundraiser around it. We’re here to help and want to fuel your fire. 


Let us know: Have a cause that you love? As long as it aligns with our values, we’ll happily signal-boost your initiative through a donation, social media or participation. Just point me and the team where you want us to go!

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