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Do gardens increase or decrease property value?

I’m thinking of selling my home within the next year. We didn’t originally plan on selling at this time when we moved here a few years ago, so we went ahead and built this garden. I’m so conflicted about leaving it. I consider moving it to wherever we buy our next bouse but I also wonder if it would be better to leave it here. What is the general consensus? Will this deter or attract buyers having a garden of this scale? My yard is about twice this size, it’s just on the other side of my house not pictured here

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Nick's Response

Hey u/Pitiful-Astronaut-82/


According to a Royal LePage survey, features that enhance outdoor living spaces, including vegetable gardens, are highly appreciated by prospective buyers in Canada.

Based upon my own anecdotal evidence, it appears to split the jury with Buyers. Some love it and feel a kinship with a fellow gardener, whereas others will see it as more work. As long as it’s neat and not too unruly when the home is shown, I’d say it’s a small net positive, but it’s never going to “pay you back” on resale value above and beyond the considerable cost and effort you’ve put into making and maintaining it. I’m not a gardener but my partner is, and the amount of work that she puts in is no joke.

To maximise the value that you get out of this garden, here’s what I’d advise:

  • Document the garden – take some photos of the produce (for a vegetable garden) and when it’s in full bloom (flower garden) and write a list of what it produces (and how to take care of it if you’re really ambitious). A Buyer will appreciate that, especially one whose thumb is not as green as yours but may want to start gardening.

  • Post in the listing that you’re willing to relocate the garden prior to closing and that you’ll re-seed or re-sod the areas where you’ve pulled out the plants. This will appear cooperative and lower-maintenance to any non-gardeners that are considering buying your place.

Good luck on the future move! It’s a lovely garden and I hope that you’ve gotten lots of enjoyment from it.

Source: I’m a Realtor in Ottawa, Ontario.

3 Bonus Tips for maximising your yard’s value on resale:


Keep it neat and trimmed. Curb appeal is a huge part of the emotional attachment that a Buyer makes with your home in the first few seconds.


Take photos of the yard at its best if you can’t list it at that time. It helps the Buyer envision the possibilities.


Offer to give a tour to the Homebuyer on closing to “hand over” the garden. Rookie gardeners really appreciate this!

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