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Unveiling hidden secrets: A Realtor’s guide to home touring

The short answer: Look up for potential water issues — check ceilings for leaks, stains, or even unusual patches of paint. Then, head to the basement and do two crucial things:

  1. Smell for moisture or dampness in the air
  2. Inspect walls for signs of dampness or efflorescence

Remember, these issues can be fixed with the right repairs or preventive measures. However, you must catch them before they surprise you.

Welcome to the exhilarating world of house hunting! As a prospective homebuyer, touring a property is a crucial step in the home buying process. It’s not just about admiring the architecture or envisioning your life within those walls. It’s about being diligent and observant to uncover any hidden issues that may affect your decision.

Today, I’ll be your guide through some essential tips to make your home touring experience a serious, yet insightful venture. So, let’s get started!

Tip 1: Look up, watch out for water woes

Water-related problems can be a significant headache for homeowners. During your tour, remember to cast your gaze upwards. Check the ceilings for telltale signs like leaks, yellow or orange stains, or even bubbling. These hints could signify existing or past water infiltration issues, giving you a heads-up on potential problems.

Tip 2: Delve into the basement

Step 1: Smell the air

Take a deep breath and assess the aroma. Detect any hints of moisture or dampness, as unpleasant smells may indicate underlying issues that need addressing.

Step 2: Inspect the walls

Focus on the walls, especially the exterior ones. In finished basements, it’s harder to spot signs of moisture, but keep an eye out for any seepage through the drywall. In unfinished basements, look for dampness or efflorescence—a white, mineral-like substance indicating potential moisture problems within the foundation.

Dealing with detected issues

Discovering moisture or dampness during your tour doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. Many of these concerns can be effectively remediated. Solutions range from redirecting exterior water away from the home to making necessary repairs to plumbing, roofing, HVAC systems, or exterior siding. It’s all about ensuring a dry and comfortable living environment.


More tips await you

Of course, these are just a few essential pointers for a successful home tour. Stay tuned for more insights into what to look out for during your house-hunting adventure. And hey, why not take a break and have a coffee with me? My treat. Let’s chat about your dream home and turn those visions into reality. Book a time to chat with me here

Bonus tips for water trouble


Take a stroll around the home’s perimeter and try to figure out what could be causing water to get into it. Are eavesthroughs dumping rain water right near the foundation? Is there any damaged exterior siding?


Consider the placement of bathrooms when looking at the ceiling. Pay special attention to the ceiling directly under wet rooms.


If you’re ever unsure, hire an expert to determine if a water woe should be a big concern. Share your concerns & observations with a home inspector during their visit to the home.

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