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Buyers’ remorse: Coping with post home-purchase doubts

Buying a home is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. It’s a decision that often comes with excitement, anticipation, and a sense of achievement. However, it’s not uncommon for new homeowners to experience a wave of doubt and anxiety after closing the deal. In this blog post, we’ll explore the phenomenon of buyer’s remorse and how to deal with it effectively.

The reality of Buyer's remorse

“What did I just do??? Did I overpay? Why didn’t someone else offer the same for this house? Is there something wrong I can’t see?”

These are the words that might echo in your mind as you read the congratulatory email after your offer is accepted, with a million other thoughts in your mind. It’s a moment of reflection that’s entirely normal. You’ve just made a substantial financial commitment, and it’s natural to question your decision. It’s easy to become fixated on the details and start second-guessing your choices.

It's normal to feel remorse

The truth is, many buyers experience remorse after a home purchase. It’s a natural reaction to a major life change. You’re not alone in your doubts, and you’re certainly not the first person to wonder if you’ve made the right decision.

Trust in your decisions and focus on the positives

The key to dealing with buyer’s remorse is to trust in the decisions you’ve made along the way. You’ve likely put in a lot of time and effort into finding the right property. If you’ve fulfilled your needs and considered your budget, you’ve probably made a good choice.

Rather than dwelling on the negatives or “missed opportunities” of other available homes, shift your focus to the positives. Take a moment to create a list of all the reasons why you were excited about your new home in the first place. Maybe it’s the spacious kitchen, the cozy fireplace, or the peaceful neighbourhood. Remind yourself of the features that initially won you over.

Seek support and guidance

If you find it challenging to overcome buyer’s remorse on your own, remember that help is available. There are professionals who specialize in guiding homeowners through this process. Are you a homebuyer in Ottawa? Perhaps you’re looking for both a therapist and a realtor all-in-one. In that case, consider reaching out to me, Karim. I’m here to help at no cost to you. You can book a first chat with me here.

Buyer’s remorse is a common and understandable reaction after a home purchase. It’s essential to recognize that it’s normal to have doubts. However, by trusting your decisions, focusing on the positives, and seeking support when needed, you can navigate through these feelings of remorse and begin to truly enjoy your new home. Remember, you’ve taken a significant step forward in your life, and you deserve to feel excited about it.

Bonus tips for avoiding Buyer’s remorse


Stick to the plan when offering. Prepare a needs and wants list early, and make sure that what you buy meets all of your needs and stays within budget.


Look to the future. How will you feel about this home a month after moving in? A year? If it’s going to help you reach your goals, you have nothing to regret. Sometimes remorse is more about what you’re leaving behind than where you’re going.


Talk to someone impartial. They may be able to help give you some perspective. 

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