PODCAST - "Frenemies" - A Listing and Buyer Agent Discuss the Same Deal

PODCAST - "Frenemies" - A Listing and Buyer Agent Discuss the Same Deal







"Frenemies" - A Listing and Buyer Agent Discuss the Same Deal


Realtor Christal Cameron joins the show today. Last week she and I worked together on a home sale in Ottawa. She was representing the Sellers and I represented the buyers, in a sale that went into multiple offers and the property sold over asking price. It's a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of both sides of the transaction!

Recorded on May 4, 2020.

Christal, as you know the Real Estate sector has been deemed essential by the province during the Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s certainly not business as usual. In general, what changes have you noticed among your clients, both those looking to purchase a home and looking to sell one?

I definitely find there is a little more uncertainty. Of course naturally, home buying and selling is a large decision for people to act on, it takes some thought for someone to make a final decision, this has added a little more apprehension. 

I’m very glad to get to interview you today, since you and I actually worked together on a file earlier this week! You were representing the seller, and my buyer clients offered your sellers’ home, which actually attracted a few offers. My clients gave the successful offer, so what we have here is an interesting opportunity to see both sides of the same coin, what a purchase in these times looks like for a buyer and a seller. Since the work for a listing starts long before any buyers see the home, can you tell me a bit about what that looked like to prepare the listing? 

Very specific research on the market, the pandemic and the property itself. 

I pulled up all of the sales that occurred only during the pandemic period and watched for any shifts. I reached out to the Realtors in the neighborhood who accomplished successful sales as well as those who hadn’t and inquired of challenges given the pandemic, what worked, what didn’t, and what they would have done differently. 

All of this was taken into consideration for my clients and was tailored to their listing in particular. 

I compiled a list for every little detail of the home, any questions I thought may come up. This way all was readily available when requested. Floor plans were created as well as a 3D walkthrough for those who were limited to a virtual viewing. 

How did your clients get in touch with you? 

Via email/text -Majority by telephone. 

How did you do the evaluation of the home?

With a detailed list of the home and pulling up all comparables, as well as consideration of what the sale prices were looking like over the pandemic period and before. Honestly as you know, the market was so insane prior to COVID I was pleased to see that the sale prices remained very healthy. 

How did you complete the listing paperwork?

Via electronically, I transitioned to a paperless Realtor in 2015. Of course if someone is uncomfortable, I work around it. But for the most part when clients experience online signatures they are usually thrilled. 

You had some great photographs and 3D tour that really helped to sell the property. How did you get that done?

I did have two separate vendors for 3D/photography and video. This being that I wanted to give buyers more online. 

Each vendor was required to go through a questionnaire with regards to COVID as well as ensure that it was only themselves in the home. They followed the protocol that was given to them (gloves, masks, wipes) and had a very small time slot to complete the work. I was very happy with the final product. 

Did your clients express any concerns about listing during the pandemic?

Of course! We actually had many discussions before going live -Almost daily. I would speak to them of possible options/outcomes and together we were able to come up with a plan they were most comfortable with. 

Once you listed the property and the sign was in the ground, the property attracted a fair bit of attention, and from our conversations, it sounded like there were pretty steady showings from the time of listing up until the evening of offers. What did that look like from the Sellers’ side?

My sellers were great! Before listing we decided on specific time slots daily that made most sense for them. This allowed for a clean up in between and a little rest! One of my sellers even conducted a zoom showing with me for buyers out of town and their Realtor. He did fantastic! 

What precautions did you choose to take to restrict the spread of Coronavirus during showings and inspections?

All bookings went through me directly and anyone through the home was required to fill out and sign a COVID questionnaire. These forms were implemented by my brokerage. 

Not only were these forms signed by those who came into the home but were also signed by sellers. 

There was a limited amount of people provided access. No visitors beyond the direct purchasers and no more than 2 at a time, with their professional. 

Gloves, masks & lysol wipes were a must.

Very small time slots to view with no overlapping options. 

What was your own day-to-day experience during the listing and how was that different than a typical listing?

Well, as you know I was there everyday! The specified time slots were great for me to be available as well as manage the slots effectively. Typically there are no issues having realtors in at the same time however in this case it was not an option.  

I actually called each Realtor ahead of time to let them know I’d provide access and be parked from a distance, this was also to ensure all had proper gear and if needed I had on hand to provide. Each day presented new challenges, which I was flexible to navigate -I knew I would have to be available 100% at all times for this listing. 

If you’re advising a homeowner who needs to sell at the moment, what advice would you give them to ensure that they’re going to be successful? What things do you think would be easy to miss?

To set out ahead of time a list of what they are comfortable with and what they are not comfortable with during this pandemic. 

There is definitely more physical time and effort that is invested with protocols, cleaning etc. Also a clear understanding that things are changing daily, flexibility is important. 

Now, this property is sold but it’s not closed yet. Assuming that the state of emergency is still in effect on closing, what steps will you be taking to ensure that things go smoothly for your clients?

Communication & Education!!! 

I am continuously keeping informed with current events, through not only my brokerage (who are amazing) but keeping open lines of communication with my Real Estate Lawyer and clients on the regular. 

Christal Cameron Can Be reached at https://christalcameron.yourkwagent.com/

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Thanks for listening and sharing with someone that can use the advice and insights!


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