Chapel Hill Community Highlight

Chapel Hill Community Highlight


Welcome to Chapel Hill! You are going to love the great family-friendly community, beautiful green spaces and parks, amazing schools, and proximity to the busier parts of Ottawa.


Chapel Hill is located in the east end of the city and is considered an outer-suburb. The area is typically divided into 2 halves by Innes Road and referred to as Chapel Hill North and Chapel Hill South. Chapel Hill is boarded by St. Joseph Boulevard to the North, the Greenbelt to the west, Innes Road to the south and Orleans Boulevard and Jeanne D’arc Boulevard to the east.



Commuting from and within Chapel Hill is easy as it is car, public transport, and biking friendly. It’s close enough to Ottawa to be a short commute if you work in the city and with the extension of the LRT coming in a few years, that commute will be even easier! 



Chapel Hill is composed of mostly single family homes situated next to the National Capital Commission (NCC) Greenbelt to the west and surrounding areas, however you can also find townhomes, condominiums, and apartments in this area.


Schools and Child Care

Chapel Hill has plenty of education options available, including 10 public schools and 7 Catholic schools with both Francophone and bilingual options assigned to the area.

The public schools include:

Ottawa Technical SS (grades 9 to12)

Cairine Wilson SS (grades 9 to 12)

Convent Glen ES (PK to grade 5)

ÉEP L’Odyssée (PK to grade 6)

Gloucester HS (grades 9 to 12)

ÉSP Louis-Riel (grades 7 to 12)

Emily Carr MS (grades 6 to 8)

Forest Valley ES (PK to grade 5)

Henry Larsen ES (PK to grade 8)

Riverview Alternative School (PK to grade 6)


The Catholic schools include:

St.Kateri Tekakwitha School (PK to grade 6)

ÉÉC L’Étoile-de-l’Est (PK to grade 6)

Good Shepherd School (PK to grade 6)

ÉSC Garneau (grades 7 to 12)

Chapel Hill Catholic ES (PK to grade 6)

ÉÉC Saint- Joseph d’Orléans (PK to grade 6)

St.Matthew HS (grades 7 to 12)

If you have children that are not old enough to attend school, this area offers plenty of home daycares, playgroups, and parent meet-up options as well. 

Parks and Recreation

Chapel Hill has lots of green space and outdoor recreation options for every season!

Heritage Park is the largest of 7 parks in the area and features a baseball diamond along with a local baseball league. 

The other parks include Chapel Hill Park, Roy Park, Louis Perrault Park, Gerald Poulin Park, Racette Park, and Forest Glen Park. There are a total of 4 baseball diamonds, 4 basketball courts, 4 outdoor rinks in the winter, 7 playgrounds, 3 splash pads, 2 trails and 4 tennis courts in total in the Chapel Hill area. 

It is only a bike ride or a short drive away to the trails along the Ottawa River, Petri Island, and Mer Bleue Bog Conservation Area

If you are a golf fan, T-off at The White Sands Golf Course



As you probably know by now, our team has a thing for pizza, and you can find 2 of our favourite pizza places in the Chapel Hill area! Enjoy a slice from River Pizza at the corner of Orleans and Innes located in a gas station (trust us, it’s delicious!) and Louis’ Pizza Express on Forest Valley Drive. Just down the road from Louis’ you can pick up some incredible pastries from Delice Royal, another small and locally owned business. For scratch fare, look no further than OCCO Kitchen, Mumbai Masala Grill for delicious authentic Indian food, and The Lunchbox on St.Joseph serves up some of the best sandwiches in the city. 

Orleans has a great craft beer scene and is only a short drive to Domaine Perrault Vineyards in Navan if you are looking for something a bit more upscale. 

Do your grocery shopping at Orleans Gardens Shopping Centre and pick up a Starbucks while you are there. There are a further 7 grocery stores in the area, a second coffee shop, 5 pharmacies and 3 gyms. 



Chapel Hill grew along with the rest of Orleans since the 1970s and officially became amalgamated with the City of Ottawa in 2001. Prior to this, Chapel Hill was part of the City of Gloucester and historically has had a predominantly French population.

It is always important to remember when learning the history of any area that we include the history of those that we stole this land from. The entirety of Ottawa was built on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinaabe Territory. To learn more about the Algonquin peoples and their history, go to Algonquins of Ontario.



Chapel Hill is a quiet, family-oriented area with everything you need within a short distance. Backyard BBQs, wine nights, playdates, and park gatherings are more the speed in this area of Orleans. 



Chapel Hill has a primarily bilingual population with over a third of the population speaking French at home and the rest speaking just english and other languages. 


Groups and Publications

Chapel Hill North Community Association Facebook Page

Chapel Hill South Community Association Facebook Page

The Orleans Star


What is your favourite thing to do in Chapel Hill? Let us know! We love adding Ottawa insider knowledge to our blogs and including as much information as possible! Let us know if we missed anything by emailing admin@nickfundytus.ca! 


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