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Congratulations on deciding to make a move! I’m pleased we’ve been introduced to each other and even more so to serve you professionally at such an important moment in your life.

Ottawa has been my home for the past eight years and I love it here. It’s my wife’s hometown and since settling back here we’ve become parents to two beautiful young boys, Jack and Aaron. I can tell you first-hand that Ottawa has earned its reputation as a “big small-town”, even though it’s Canada’s capital city. We have great restaurants, beautiful parks, wonderful amenities and infrastructure.

My philosophy of “people over properties” means that you have me in your corner for as long as you need me. I’m here to help you, whether it’s finding an honest plumber to fix an unexpected leak, a carpenter for a new deck, or even a referral to a great REALTOR® in another city if you relocate out of Ottawa. And since I work mainly by referral, I have more time to focus on you, not on finding my next clients.

My people-first mindset comes from well before I became a Realtor. In my first career I was an elementary school teacher, first in Kingston in the Limestone Public School Board and then in the International School of Macau as a teacher and athletic director. I pride myself in listening to what you as a client need and understand the importance of teaching and following a proven process that works for you to buy or sell your home.

My motivation for serving you at a high level comes from my family. At the end of the day, I’m a husband and father first; it’s important to me to set an example for my sons and conduct myself in a way that I can be proud of. For me, recognizing this allows me to serve you in a human, approachable way with a high level of professionalism and skill.

I definitely remember what it was like to start out on the journey of finding a home. I understand the importance of a home, whether you’re buying or selling one. Moving is more than just a transaction, it’s an emotional milestone. There is a human element to it. What makes a property a home is different for every person and I’m here to help you on your next big step, whether you’re looking to sell or to find a new home in Ottawa.

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